Sunday, November 18, 2007

Critical Thought & Good Teaching

This is my first attempt at web logging. The intention of this particular blog is to develop my skills as a blogger and, in doing so:
-- promote critical thought
-- promote good teaching practices.

I intend my themes to start out broad in scope and narrow over the first year.

With your criticism, I will become a better blogger and communicator. So, please respond.

Since I do not know how quickly I will be able to edit your posts, I ask you to follow these rules:
1] Do not defame anybody.
2] Do not publicize anybody's personal problems or what would be perceived as "negative" traits about named people.
3] Curse words: Forget about it.
4] You must have a very high level of justification for what may appear as an ad hominem and that justification must accompany the statement. You must show that the messenger affects his/her message.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Gary Goldwater

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